10 reasons to plan a Dorset school trip

Ten great reasons to plan a school trip to Dorset


Incredible History

Dorset marks the start of the Jurassic Coast – a World Heritage Site, which follows the coastline for 155km. This natural wonder contains 180 million years of natural history within its rocks and makes it the ideal location for an awe-inspiring history lesson. Spend an afternoon teaching students how to hunt for fossils and explore old smugglers caves.

Inspiring Geography Dorset is one of the best outdoor classrooms in the world for field studies. Nothing inspires children more than standing at the foot of real-life examples of coastal stacks, stumps and arches. For a unique and memorable lesson, bring your students coasteering to explore the coastline from the water. It’s a sure-fire way of ensuring students remember the theory!

  1. Great climate Unlike many outdoor education locations across the UK, Dorset is home to a wonderful micro-climate that usually stays drier and warmer than its Welsh and northern counterparts. You can never guarantee the weather, but you can certainly improve your chances of sunshine!
  2. Exciting water-based activities Sea kayaking to Old Harry Rocks, Coasteering along limestone cliffs that are millions of years old, raft building on the golden sands of Swanage Bay – all exciting adventure activities that are superb at boosting child development.
  3. Lots to do on dry-land too Rock climbing and abseiling with the waves at your feet, archery in the woods, shelter building and firelighting on a wilderness bushcraft session, orienteering to find your way back to base – there is so much to do!
  4. Quality accommodation Dorset plays host to wonderful accommodation options. We offer three choices for our school trips; Harrow House which is a facility rich residential centre, a fairylit Glamping village in the trees and a wild camping experience with views across Poole Bay.
  5. Golden sandy beaches One of Dorset’s finest delights has to be the incredible beaches that stretch for miles. We use Swanage beach for many activities including raft building. It’s also within walking distance, so your group can head down for twilight beach games & teambuilding after a day on the water.
  6. Fresh, clean air Nothing beats escaping the city for a week by the seaside. Inhale deeply and reap the benefits of the fresh sea air. All of our activities focus on the great outdoors and making the most of the natural environment. The fresh air also has wonderful sleep inducing properties at the end of the day too!
  7. Exceptional staff We work hard to recruit the finest human specimens to join our team. Our instructors all have exceptional local knowledge, and are always on hand to support teachers in the teaching of geography, history & PE. Most importantly, our staff are loved by school groups. They engage with the students,  encourage them to participate and really help bring out the best in people.
  8. Easy to get to Swanage is on the South Coast and easy accessible by road, rail and even boat! We are just 2.5 hours from London and schools visit us from far and wide.

Find out more about Dorset Adventure school trips here.

07 November 2013 by TheBox

One of Dorset’s finest delights has to be the incredible beaches that stretch for miles

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