Great Pre-Course Experience for our Outdoor Instructor Training in 2017

As soon as you sign up to the Outdoor Instructor Training course you are offered as much pre-course experience as you want to cram in before the start of the course in November.


The Land & Wave Outdoor Instructor Training is MUCH more than 15 weeks training and 16+ outdoor instructor qualifications. We provide lots of pre-course experience too.

Our aim is to develop well-rounded outdoor professionals. The best way to do this is to provide you with loads of opportunities to work different groups, in different conditions across different activities.The winter is all about learning and perfecting new skills and gaining qualifications.Time before your course (that’s now!) provides the perfect chance to get lots of experience alongside our instructors; joining them on sessions, watching how they work and spending as much time as possible in, on and around the water, crag and woods.As soon as you sign up to the Outdoor Instructor Training course you are offered as much experience as you want to cram in before the start of the course in November.

Pre-Course Experience and Training 

  1. Free unlimited experience – Starts from today
  2. Free week long residential – August 2017
  3. Free outdoor instructor weekend – 2 & 3 Sept 2017

Why it’s Important

Group Experience – Part of being an instructor is knowing how to lead various groups from school kids to stags groups. We work hard to deliver awesome experiences for every type of client.

Develop your own skills – Whilst shadowing, you’ll be honing your own technical skills, group management, risk assessment and expertise.

Learn from lots of different instructors – We’re incredibly proud of the awesome instructors we employ; lots of them are past trainees who have completed the course. We employ some of the best, most driven people in the industry who love coaching and working in the outdoors.

Learn about ocean, weather and landscape – You’ll start tuning in to tides, ocean swell, wind and become a weather guru in time for the winter.

How to Shadow Sessions

Shadow as many sessions as you want during the Summer – it’s unlimited. We recommend you get a well-rounded view of the industry by trying all the activities we offer.

Once you’re signed up just email or call the office on 01929 423 031. Let us know what day you’re free and we’ll get you booked in. We include all the equipment you need.

A day at Land & Wave starts at 08.00 and finishes at around 17.00. You’ll get stuck-in on sessions, helping to kit-up groups, interacting with clients before and after the activity and (of course) take part in the session itself.

Night time shot of silhouettes sat around a campfire during an Outdoor Instructor Course

Free Residential Shadowing

You are welcome to join us for a full 5 days if you wish. During the week, you’ll be camping at our private campsite (tent & meals provided) and immersing yourself in outdoor company life.This is an amazing chance to shadow our whole range of activities.

Dates available 

  • 31 July – 4 August
  • 14 – 18 August
  • 21 – 25 August

To arrange this, email or call 01929 423 031 to book your place.

Pre-Course Weekend

Before the course starts, we host a weekend of pre-course training. You’ll meet your fellow trainees and coaches, get to know the area, go out on the activities and learn loads about the course.When:  2 – 3 September 2017Arrive at 09.30 Saturday 2 September (accommodation available Friday night on request).This pre-course weekend is exclusively for people that have already signed up to the course and paid the deposit.

We’re really proud of our Outdoor Instructor Training Course. Get in touch today.

Our aim is to develop well-rounded outdoor professionals

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