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We are looking for talented local people to help us create more amazing video content in Dorset. 

We’d like to find creative freelancers to work with us on a regular basis. This could be an awesome opportunity to develop your portfolio whilst getting paid. We’ll need footage from clifftops, beaches, boats, in the woods etc.

We are planning to create a large amount of content in the next 6 months, and we need an epic squad of freelancers to help us. The content required will range from 10 second ‘flash’ videos to 60 second ‘feature’ videos for specific activities and products.

Filmmaking freelancers working on the job with DSLR camera

Before you join our bank of freelancers we’d like to check out how you work and what you can create during a trial day with us.

We’ll pay you £120 for a full day of filming & editing to produce some great content that we can look at within 48 hours.

If we love what you produce, we’ll add you to our list of freelancers and will plan future filming dates and rates of pay.

Why are we doing things this way?

We don’t have enough people to help us with creative content.

Every time we ask for help with new content we get hundreds of messages and phone calls.

Sometimes, even when we work really hard to choose someone, freelancers turn up late or don’t send us content in good time.

The best way of working out if someone’s style suits what we do is to work with them for a day.

We don’t like asking people to work for free – even for a trial day.

This way of doing things means that we get to find some brilliant new talent without anyone being out of pocket.

We expect you to provide your own equipment, and video editing software but we can provide office space for editing if you’re bored of working from your bedroom or kitchen table.

Land & Wave will own the footage you collect and the videos you create but we have no problem at all with you using that footage to promote yourself.

If you’re keen to be part of the team, then please fill out this form. We will only consider people who have filled out the form so please do not send us an email directly. We will review all applications and be in touch with all successful applicants.

10 July 2019 by Rosie Tanner

Do you love creating beautiful short films & adventures?

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