George Rogers Update: Time for a Change

George Rogers is setting his sights on future medal success in the field of Para-Triathlons


Hello Everyone!

I have news that I am really quite excited about; recently, after much thought and consideration, I have decided to take a break from swimming as my main focus and concentrate more on Para-Triathlon. This is because, although I very much enjoy swimming and I love being the S7 100m Breaststroke British champion, issues with classification mean that when I turn sixteen this year, it will be very hard for me to progress much further in the swimming world. I have chosen to focus on Para-Triathlon because it is a relatively new sport (the first time it will be in the Paralympics will be in two years’ time in Rio) also, because it will mean I will get to train at three different sports rather than putting all of my focus into just the swimming. The reason this appeals to me is, I remember how much I loved training for my Head2Home challenge and having the variation of all of the sports. A typical Para-Triathlon consists of a sea swim of around 700-800m, a 20K Hand cycle and a 5K push in a racing chair. Unfortunately, even though I did already have a hand-cycle, it is sort of an ‘everyday’ one, so with the help of the Caudwell Children’s charity, I have managed to get my hands on a state of the art racing hand bike and it’s amazing. I will keep you all up to date on how the training goes on the new bike and hopefully there won’t be too many crashes! George Rogers and his new hand cycle

The second thing I wanted to say is a big thank you to everyone at Land & Wave as last week a group of GCSE P.E students from Corfe Hills School (including me) went Kayaking on a lovely sunny day in Swanage and we all had a wonderful time! I think I speak for everyone in my group of students and teachers when I say it was the most fun we have had all term! So that’s it for another blog from me but, as I said earlier, I shall be keeping everyone updated on my adventures in the world of Para-Triathlon. If anyone would like any more information on the sport then please feel free to visit: 

Thanks for reading

A typical Para-Triathlon consists of a sea swim of around 700-800m, a 20K Hand cycle and a 5K push in a racing chair

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