Is It Time to Head Outdoors?: The Importance of Being Happy at Work

One in four workers in the UK say they feel too stressed out, are often exhausted and a few are even downright miserable in the work they are doing.


The Importance of Being Happy at Work: Is It Time to Head Outdoors?

Most of us have to work for a living – finding a job that ticks all the right boxes and leaves us fulfilled is often not as easy as it sounds.

One in four workers in the UK say they feel too stressed out, are often exhausted and a few are even downright miserable in the work they are doing.

A significant change of direction if you are not happy at work can be very daunting and really difficult

Of course, there are those pesky bills and mortgages to pay. You might have children to bring up and food to put on the table. Life create obstacles for change, starting again with something completely new probably means re-qualifying and getting paid less (at least for a while).

Might it be better to stay with what you have and keep that pay cheque coming in? Probably not…

If you love being in the fresh air, spending your day in a busy office, hunched over a computer can seem soul-destroying. The vast majority of people in the UK (83%) put enjoying work and being valued above the salary they earn.

With so many of us wanting a career during which we feel motivated, energised and purposeful, it’s a surprise that so many of us don’t take the steps to make a change.

So, what’s stopping you?

Why Choose a Career That Gets You Outside?

If you love the outdoors, why you are stuck in a busy office answering calls from disgruntled customers or putting up with an arse of a boss?

Maybe it’s a lack of qualifications that’s stopping you or maybe you simply don’t have the time and energy to find different opportunities.

  • Would you prefer to be teaching someone to kayak or would you rather be inputting data into a spreadsheet?
  • Would you like to be teaching someone survival skills in a forest or filling orders in a retail warehouse?
  • Do you want each day to be different, exciting, life-affirming or do you want to keep doing the same thing every day even if you don’t enjoy it?

There are plenty of benefits in moving to a job that gives you the chance to get outside and involved with adventure activities. It’s an area of the leisure industry that has really grown over the last decade.

If you’d rather be scaling walls and jumping into the surf with other humans rather than selling them products over the phone, we’ve got some great news.

You can make it a reality and find a job that really fulfils your potential, where every day is a new experience and going to work is fun.

  • Spend time in the fresh air doing a job that keeps you fit and healthy.
  • Meet people from all walks of life and give them an experience they’ll never forget.
  • Unplug yourself from the daily grind of work and find something new and exciting to do.

How to Make Your Outdoors Dream Come True

If you are currently sitting in a stuffy office and wish you were out in the fresh air, pulling on a wet suit and taking a group of people our to throw themselves in the sea, you may be wondering how to get started

The first thing to look at is getting a few qualifications. Adventure activities are increasingly popular in the UK and it’s a thriving part of the leisure industry. That also means opportunities now exist to get the right qualifications.

Land & Wave offers comprehensive Outdoor Instructor Training; a course designed to give you a stepping stone to a whole new way of living.

What is Outdoor Instructor Training?

Our training will help you develop the skills to deliver a range of different activities outdoors. The intensive 15-week course will give you all experience and adventure that you’re looking for and leave you with 15 valuable qualifications that you can use to land your first outdoor job.

You’ll be paddling along the Jurassic Coast, exploring rivers in a kayak, learning skills in the amazing Dorset countryside and a whole host of other activities.

We’ve chosen a range of different qualifications that are designed to make you more employable. You’ll be taught by our team of exceptional instructors, coaches and teachers.

People come from all over the country to take part in our intensive training course. Why? Dorset offers some of the most stunning countryside in the UK and is the ideal location for learning how to become an Outdoor Instructor.

The Jurassic Coast is an area that provides great scope for adventures from coasteering and kayaking to a day in the woods. From our bases in Swanage, you’ll have all the facilities, equipment and support that you need.

Interested? Here’s What to Do Next

Our Outdoor Instructor Training provides you with the perfect foundation and qualifications to get started in the Outdoor Adventure Industry and help you move into a job that really isn’t a job at all.

We run our training over the Winter and, while it can be challenging, it’s fulfilling, worthwhile and meaningful.

If you would like to find out more, you should book onto our next open day which takes place on the 8th February 2020.

We’ll give you a taster of what it’s like in the industry so you can find out if it’s the right career choice for you. We’ll also talk qualifications and talk you through what the training course involves. It’s absolutely free and you’ll meet some great people who may just be a part of you changing the way you live your life outdoors.

Want to find out more about outdoor instructor training? Book a day out with the Land & Wave Adventure team today.

Four paddleboarders outdoors on the water at sunset

20 December 2019 by Owen Senior

Most of us have to work for a living – finding a job that ticks all the right boxes and leaves us fulfilled is often not as easy as it sounds.

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