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Any form of exercise is good for your physical and your psychological health. Getting outdoors can offer much more than you might think.


Adventure doesn’t understand about seasons. Even during the winter there are loads of fun, challenging and rewarding activities waiting for you in the great outdoors to improve your mental health.

From a walk around the countryside to a trip through the coast, the UK has plenty of natural treasures for you to discover. You won’t have time to get bored. So, get those walking boots, and your warmest winter wear, and get out into the unknown. That warm hot chocolate will taste much better after your trip.

What Are The Mental Health Benefits of Outdoor Winter Activities?

Any form of exercise is good for your physical and mental health. Getting outdoors can offer much more than you might think…

When the weather isn’t great you to be prepared and plan your day.

One of the greatest benefits of exercising outdoors is the very positive impact on your health. Some studies have shown that outdoor adventures contribute to “well-being and resilience”.

Adventure has proven to be a good way of reducing stress and improving attentiveness and self-awareness. Exercising outdoors is fun, which can make it easier than working out inside.

Outdoor activities also have a surprising effect on your health during the winter. Being exposed to lower temperatures makes you use more body energy, which means you burn calories faster. It also helps with reducing inflammation, improve your sleep patterns and maintaining your cardiovascular system.

What Outdoor Activities Can You Do During the Winter?

There are LOTS of activities you can do through the Winter.

Getting involved in foraging along the coastline is loads of fun. Dorset has amazing beaches and coastal areas – the Jurassic Coast is a fantastic option to visit in Winter.

Perhaps you’re the hardy type and want to try a little coasteering or learn a few bushcraft skills.. Either way, there are hundreds of places to walk and explore, especially around Dorset.

Whether you’re looking to spend a gentle, peaceful day, or you’re up for a challenge, the outdoors is available for you and your mental health all year round.

Stay Safe During Your Winter Adventures

We recommend that you always have the right equipment when you’re heading outdoors – especially during the winter months. Here are just some of our basic safety tips if you’re heading out to the wilds in the next few weeks:

1. Choose the right clothing

Make sure you’re well wrapped up and have the appropriate protective clothing to keep you warm. Better to be safe than sorry. Remember, you can always take coats and jumpers off if you get a little too warm.

2. Comfortable footwear

Getting into the great outdoors often involves muddy paths and hilly challenges – having boots with enough grip is important. A nice thick pair of socks is also essential.

3. Check the weather forecast

No matter what you are planning to do, don’t let the weather surprise you. Bear in mind that it might be sunny when you wake up in the morning, but it might get chilly – or worse- later.

4. Prepare your safety kit

If you’re heading somewhere remote, always carry some safety kit. This should include a fully charged phone and a whistle in case you get into trouble. It can get dark quickly, so bring a torch with you. It is never a bad idea to bring some snacks to keep energy levels up.

Don’t let the wet and cold weather hold you back. Remember there’s still plenty of fun stuff to do outside – keep yourself warm, healthy and positive this winter.

28 February 2020 by Owen Senior

Any form of exercise is good for your physical and your psychological health. Getting outdoors can offer much more than you might think.

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