The best stag weekend ideas in the UK

Stag Weekends have become average. At some point over the last 5 years the same tired formula became commonplace...


Looking for stag weekend ideas that are more original than paintballing or a pub crawl?

Stag Weekends have become average. At some point over the last 5 years the same tired formula became commonplace…

Friday night – the quiet night ‘we’ll just have a few beers’ (this never happens). Cheap (not that cheap), dirty hotel

Saturday – Hungover. Some kind of activity, normally at a venue with a million other stags; paintball, carting, quad bikes etc…

Saturday night – Now knackered.  The ‘Big Night’. Generic pubs and bars drinking with hoards of potential dickheads, then strip club – back to cheap hotel for puking, regrets and not enough sleep

Sunday – go home, describe two awful days as ‘a great laugh’ so you don’t appear old to friends and family

Add a soupcon of ‘forced fun’ and just a touch of ritual humiliation along the way and you have 80% of Stag Weekends.


There IS another way

A stag weekend in the woods allows blokes to be blokes, doing all the things that they wanted to do as kids and still (really) want to do now they’re all grown up.

There’s something awesome and primeval about working with your hands, wood smoke, fire, meat and weapons. There is still a caveman in us all; a day in the woods just lets him out for a bit.

Everything you do in the woods is a shared experience, you’re not shut behind a paint balling mask, strapped into a go cart or surrounded by zorb; you can talk to each other, take the piss out of each other.

Shared experience is brilliant; doing cool stuff together makes whatever you’re doing even better.


There’s NOTHING wrong with being a bloke

A day in the woods gives people the chance to use knives, to work with wood and butcher meat, to create fire with only the most basic of tools, to play with lethal weapons.

Throw axes, use knives, butcher deer, create fire, shoot bows, hurl spears, eat meat, sleep under the stars.

Eat amazing food cooked over flames or embers, seared steaks, slow cooked stews, pulled venison – the best meat you’ll ever eat…


‘The Beast’ and ‘The Warrior’

Arrive at the woods at around two in the afternoon (giving you plenty of time to travel to Sunny Dorset).

The Beast: Skin and butcher a deer. Light fires. Drink beer. Eat Steak. Eat Stew. Drink beer. Sit round the fire. Drink more beer.

The Warrior: Shoot bows. Throw axes. Hurl spears. Light fires. Drink beer. Prepare fish. Cook food. Drink beer. Eat fish. Eat Stew. Sit round the fire. Drink more beer.

Sleep under the stars, in shelters or in tents (depending on the weather).

Wake up. Eat Bacon – Go Coasteering (or choose another adventure)


Some groups then head over to Bournemouth for the second night of the Stag weekend 

Which Package to Choose? 

The Beast is perfect for groups that are into meat, food, hunting, steak, it’s our ‘premium package’ and is a completely unique experience. Skin and butcher a deer; the highlight for most people is the steak feast that makes up the first course of your dinner. The best meat in the world, butchered by your own hands and cooked over the fire.


The Warrior is brilliant for groups of gents that want to spend a day playing with sharp, pointy, deadly weapons. It suits groups that are competitive. You’ll do some work with game or fish but the focus of the day is on making and using weapons. Food is prepared for you and is filling and tasty.Which Adventure to Choose the Next Day?

Lots of groups choose to go coasteering on the morning after their day in the woods. Any activity that means you can jump in the sea is a guaranteed hangover cure. There’s plenty to choose from; KayakingPaddle BoardingCoasteering and more…

Land & Wave is offering discounts on The Beast and The Warrior throughout September and October 2016.

If you’d like to book a Beast or Warrior during May, June or July then we really, really recommend booking as early as possible. These packages include all your activities, all your food, an overnight stay and are really good value, they tend to get booked up quickly.

If you’d like to know more, drop us an email: or give us a call: 01929 423 031.

There are loads more pictures and info on our website:

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04 August 2016 by Owen Senior

There is still a caveman in us all; a day in the woods just lets him out for a bit

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