Matt’s Mountain Instructor Award Logbook Diaries: Part 2

Matt’s been busy prepping for his MIA (Mountain Instructor Award) assessment this September. He’s been in Wales getting some quality mountain days with clients to practice his skills. Here’s the second part of his MIA Logbook diary.

Mountain Instructor Award Logbook Diaries: Part 1

Preparing for your M.I.A assessment (Mountain Instructor Award) is notoriously tough. Matt Roberts shares his logbook diaries as he builds up his experience and gets ready to complete the biggest qualification of his career to date.

Climbing the great El Chorro in Spain in 2017

El Chorro in Southern Spain | ‘New Kid on the Rock’ This weekend has been one of the most exciting / terrifying I’ve had in a while. My destination: El Chorro – a mecca for climbers in Southern Spain. It’s important at this stage, to point out I’m not a climber. Aside from a few clumsy sessions […]