Welcome to our super fun Jumbo SUP Squad – Fit for 8 people!

Introducing JUMBO Stand Up Paddle Boarding, which can take 8 or more adults on one board.


Calling all SUP fans!

We’re now bringing you summer fun on a BIGGER scale.

Introducing Jumbo Stand Up Paddle Boarding which can take 8 or more adults on one board. Even better, big groups get TWO boards between them so you can unleash your competitive streak together…

Top 5 Reasons to join our Jumbo Paddle Boarding Squad:

  • It’s low impact. No stress. Still a full body workout with your friends
  • The views. Not your average office/classroom
  • The amazing locations. Beautiful spots at Ocean Bay or Sandbanks… take your pick!
  • Pure paddling, catching waves, yoga or exploring… The choice is yours
  • Suitable for EVERYONE, even your four-legged friends

Who is it perfect for?

  • Friendly socials
  • Quality time with friends & family
  • Hen Dos
  • Stags Dos
  • Team building (Nature has a way of reconnecting us)
  • Social afternoons and sunset evenings (Pack those cameras)

Or telephone: 01929 423031

Share your favourite moments with us by using the hashtag below!

Six men holding up a Land & Wave Jumbo SUP in Sandbanks, Dorset
One of our Jumbo SUP boards


28 June 2016 by Alex Mortimer

Pure paddling, catching waves, SUP yoga or exploring

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